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New!!  Load  6 shots at one



Welcome to RYDON Corporation's  factory direct muzzleloader store.  We have been a manufacturer of muzzleloader supplies and cleaning/shooting supplies for many years, and sell our products to major blackpowder companies such as Thompson Center, Traditions, Cabela's, Knight, and CVA.

Now we are offering our products directly to you at factory discount pricing!

The reason we are starting our factory direct store, is that many of the large companies we supplied have decided to buy similar products overseas, rather then our American made products. So take advantage of our lower prices and American made products now.

An example is our Blackpowder Revolver Starter Kit.  Originally manufactured for Cabela's who sold the kit for $69.99, now can be purchased directly from RYDON Corp  for $39.50, a savings of $30.49.

Browse our products and check back as we will be adding more  in the future.

RYDON Corporation  |  42 Pennsylvania Ave., Mill Hall, PA 17751  |  Phone: 570-726-0291  |  Fax: 570-726-0295  |  Email: info@rydoncorp.com